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Nicole Kleine Staarman
Amazone nummer 16,
Oktober/November 2007
Photographs Hypofocus, Nicole Kleine Staarman

Little America is featured on page 24, the fifth page of the article. The following horses of Little America are pictured in this article:

  • Page 20 (and 21), the first (and second) page: Pride's Dutch Dixie, Leroy's Midnight Victor and Postmark's Bay Bussarette

  • Page 23, the fourth page, upper part: Postmark Delight

  • Page 24, the fifth page: Postmark Delight, Suzanne Thomassen up

  • Page 25, the sixth page, lower part at left and underneath: Postmark's Bay Bussarette

    Of course, the advertisement shows Postmark Delight!

Last Updated: April 28, 2011