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Buster's Fair Leroy
Buster's Fair Leroy

So, there's more good news: another son of Buster's Fair Leroy, named Pride's Dutch Doolittle, has been earning many blues at the German Championships which was held recently at the farm of the Bader family where Russ Keyser is married to Denise Bader. (Three American judges were there!)

Pride's Dutch Doolittle

Pride's Dutch Doolittle

Pride's Dutch Doolittle # 20512672 - 2005 palomino colt out of Pride's Delight Firefly # 19914912

A high-grade sabino TWH daughter of Buster's Fair Leroy: "Flannan" = Heavens Gait April Shower   
"Princess Of The Dawn", filly born 2006,  at four days old, special sabino "spots", but far more important: gaiting! Filly is by Buster's Fair Leroy, dam Pearl by Lad's Black Buster, so again a half-sister x half-brother combination! Pearl is well-gaited too (rack). She is out of a German Trotter mare. 
Aimy is a filly born 2004 by Leroy out of Pearl.  Pearl is by Lad's Black Buster out of gaited Trotter, so half-sister x half-brother combination - she got a silver medal at the Rheinisches Pferdestammbuch show.
Here's pic of colt "Jimmy" by Buster's Fair Leroy out of Whips April Delight, bred by the Lehra family, Germany. Proposed TWHBEA name will come soon. The colt will be tested ( on cream-gene as he might be palomino. There was a TWH filly born this year, granddaughter of Leroy out of palomino mare of Heavens Gaits Tennessee Walkers, with a similar color. She was tested and turned out to be palomino!

Young mare Heavens Gaits Roxxanna in walk, by Buster's Fair Leroy.

Last Updated: May 25, 2010